I started out drawing robotic (and sometimes not robotic) creatures on my family’s lunch bags every day during a stint of freelancing from home. I called them Lunchbots and created a blog called Disposable Drawings to share my art, playing with the idea of impermanence as my canvas. Using paper lunch sacks for the Lunchbots, chalk and slate for the Finger Puppet Portraits, grocery bags and construction paper for the Tarotbots, and wood scraps for the Blockbots, all of my art incorporates elements that are seen as temporary, disposable, recycled or reclaimed.

Playing with the idea of the temporary nature of everything by using recycled or re-purposed materials coincides with our shift from being a world of consumers to a world of scavengers, re-purposers and recyclers. Everything is at once dying and being (re)born. I embrace this balance of change, reclamation and re-purposing in my art, music, writing, and life. Sometimes doing something as simple as lovingly packing your family a lunch every day is a tiny act of revolution. I’m blessed to have found those who resonate with what I have to express, excited to have been included in the shows I’ve been in, and humbled to share space with such amazing and inspiring artists.


16 Responses to “About”

  1. Love the concept! Hang in there, and best of luck with the job search. Looks like you are keeping yourself busy and sane! Posted your site–unfortunately I have no traffic–just started and just for kicks, and I am on a mini-retirement period, so no financial love. I hope to buy something soon!

    • Hi Matt,

      Wow, hey, thanks for the post and the comment! Very much appreciated. I’m finishing up a tiny bit of paid work and then I’ll go through your site more thoroughly. Best of luck with your mini-retirement.

      Take care,


  2. Hey Justin!

    I’ve been tardy in posting a link to your site on my blog, but I do love it! Your wife and son are so lucky to get a drawing each day from you- I’m quite jealous! Keep posting your fabulous creations, they make me smile everytime I check your blog out!

    • Hi Erin! Glad to hear from you. No worries on the link. Whenever you get around to it is cool. I’m glad you’re enjoying my creations. I enjoy yours as well!

  3. Great work! I love it! Keep it up!

  4. Hello,

    My name is Alex Goncalves, I’m responsible for blog Publiloucos (Brazil). I was browsing and found a blog with the template like yours. I made a post to explain what happened. The blog that is like your template is an advertising agency in Brazil.
    See at http://publiloucos.blogspot.com/2009/01/onza-ou-desenhos-descartveis.html


    • Hi Alex. I used the English translation button offered on your blog and got a rough idea of what your post said. I’m sure you will find more than just two people using the design of my blog since it’s a free theme available to anyone who wants to use it. The template I’m using for my blog is a free WordPress template. You’ll see at the bottom of every page of my blog the following text: “Get a free blog at WordPress.com. Theme: ChaoticSoul by Bryan Veloso.” So hope that helps to clarify. This is a free WordPress theme that anyone can use.

  5. Hi Justin. I love lunchbots! Getting the word out on Ohdeedoh.com later today. Good luck!


    i just read the lunchbots post on Wired and i HAVE to buy some of these! anyone that combines star wars and robots is automatically awesome in my book!

    i saw where to buy the tshirts and blockbots…but can you point me in the direction of where can i buy the lunch bags and/or a print that i can hang up in my apt?

    keep up the rad artwork! 🙂

    • Hi Nicole,

      So far I’ve been doing custom Lunchbots on request and haven’t really started producing them as prints so please let me know which one(s) you’d like and I will make them for you. You can just send me a donation via PayPal of whatever amount you think is fair. My account is under waterbear42@yahoo.com and you can email me at that address to work out the details of what you’d like. I’m happy to make custom ‘bots and can make them on different mediums and in different sizes if you have a size in mind. And thank you!


  7. Stragely this past year I started drawing pictures and sylizing my kids names on their lunch bags. I usually end up making the lunches after midnight because I’ll watch a movie or something after they go to bed. I guess I ended up drawing on them because I’d get kind of sentimental (shhh) after the movies and want to show/tell them them how much I love them. Anyway… I never even thought of paint pens. OMG this is going to be so much fun.!! 🙂 Thx and good luck.

    • Aw that’s very sweet. I’d love to see what you make for your kids, if you ever feel like posting it for others to see. If you prefer to keep it to yourself, that’s cool too. I can understand if it feels more personal like just between you and your kids. Anyway, thanks for the comment and enjoy. If you want to try the paint pens, you can find them at most art supply stores or online. I use Uni Posca and Sharpie paint pens, mostly Uni Posca.

  8. right on dude! great to see that there are so many of us making all kinds of art. keep on keeping on!

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