Welcome Baby Frito!

Wondering where the heck I’ve been? Well, my sister had a baby! Like, three days ago. She’s created the masterpiece of the year. This kid came out at nearly 10 lbs., so he’s already getting calls from talent scouts looking to recruit him as a defensive tackle. Look at the size of him! My poor sister. But she and the baby are doing fine. Both are glowing that radiant glow of “just been through the miracle of life, now exhausted, hungry and bonding”. Haha. Love them so much. I like to call the baby Frito (my wife came up with this name) because it kind of rhymes with his last name, sort of, and it’s cute. Of course my sister isn’t a huge fan, nor is her husband, but we’re hoping through enough usage, they’ll come around. Or they’ll have to send me a cease and desist before the kid’s new nickname sticks. It may be too late. Hey, I had an Uncle Cheeto. Snack foods run in the family!


~ by justin on August 21, 2009.

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