Today’s Lunchbot is a snowboarderbot I drew for Dani, a coworker I just met because she was kind enough to donate to help my friend Fran. I gotta say, it’s a wonderful thing all around. People are taking time to help, it’s giving us all an opportunity to connect when we might not have had the opportunity otherwise, it’s giving us all a chance to share our own stories of how we or someone we love has struggled with a chronic disease or suffers due to misdiagnosis, being unable to correctly diagnose an ailment for years, or who has had their own brush with Lyme disease. It’s raising awareness of Lyme disease, and it’s really making a huge difference in the lives of Fran, her partner Dante, and all who love them (which is a LOT of people, let me tell you). Dang I’m running out of time so I’m going to have to cut this short. Just feeling huge gratitude for all the amazingly generous folks who have donated to help my friend Fran, and for the fun that is making and delivering homemade lunches with personalized lunch bag art. As Fran says, this is not a donation as much as an investment. Fran is such an amazing speaker, performer, writer, activist, artist, human being. Any drop of kindness sent her way will magnify and ripple far and wide.


~ by justin on May 21, 2009.

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