lunchbots with a cause

This is the second Lunchbot created as a thank you to one of my wonderful co-workers at Adobe who donated to help my friend Fran get the treatment she desperately needs to hopefully be finally cured of chronic late stage Lyme disease. So far I’ve received emails from a total of 9 Adobe employees who donated more than $20 each and wanted a custom Lunchbot of their very own. Maybe more donated that I don’t know about, but that’s how many I heard from. I only knew three of the people who donated. Adobe is a pretty big company and although I only asked for donations from the people in the SF office, we have two buildings with several floors in each. So an unexpected bonus is that this gives me an opportunity to meet fellow Adobe employees who I might not have gotten an opportunity to talk to otherwise. Pretty cool! Most of all, it does my heart good to know my friend Fran might rest a little easier sooner now that she’s got the means to extend her treatment a bit longer. If we can get to that magical $4K mark, then we can fund the remainder of the treatments she’ll need. At that point, if all goes well, hopefully she will finally be cured! Today’s Lunchbot was for my boss, Amy, whose husband was just doored by a taxi. Poor guy broke his elbow and his pelvis. So I figured both Amy and her hubby would appreciate this little artistic tribute. They did. If you’d like to help my friend Fran, please visit


~ by justin on May 19, 2009.

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