My good friend Fran has been very sick with chronic late stage Lyme disease for several years. She was only recently correctly diagnosed with this disease after years of misdiagnosis. She’s too sick to work and has no health insurance so her loved ones, friends and family have been trying to think up new ways to raise money to help her pay for her treatments. She has about $4,000 to go to pay for the final treatments that are supposed to cure her. I emailed my co-workers asking for help and offered anyone who donated more than $20 a custom Lunchbot packed with a homemade lunch just for them. So far, three of my coworkers have donated (that I know of) and so I’ve made a couple of new Lunchbots. Alyssa was one of the first to donate. She sits in the cubicle right next to mine and is probably one of my all time favorite cubicle mates, along with Royce who sits on the other side (but will be moving soon to another floor… how sad for me). I asked Alyssa what she likes to get an idea what to draw her. She said she liked bunnies and marshmallows and all types of woodland creatures. So I did an Alyssabot with a tiny Robobunny TV where its bunny ears help with the TV reception (it’s an old school TV with no cable). On the TV are a couple of dancing marshmallows. Alyssa loved the drawing and the lunch inside which was PB&J and all sorts of veggies, fruits and snacks. Thank you Alyssa for helping my friend Fran to heal. If you’re reading this and would like to truly make a significant difference in someone’s life, please consider passing the word along about my friend Fran, and donating what you can to help her afford the treatment she so desperately needs to get well. Visit, donate, and spread the word far and wide. Every person and every penny makes a difference.


~ by justin on May 18, 2009.

One Response to “Alyssabot”

  1. Oh, Alyssa, your lunch bot rules! And you Rule and Justin rules for caring so deeply about his friend. About me. I hope that lunch will be delicious. This will help me buy my second round of focused treatment targeting the bacteria in my brain. Thank you.
    I hope it was delicious and now framed on your wall. 😉

    With gratitude and lots of this xoxoxoxo,

    Fran Varian

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