Vox art show re-cap

Last night I was in my first art show ever. It was at Vox Sacramento. I was invited by Jill, who found me on Flickr, asked me to draw her a Ninjabot (which I did) and then invited me to be in the show. Wow. Totally worth the drive out. So much fun. So much good art. So many awesome people. I’m embarrassed all of our pictures are just of us and my art, but I was nervous, busy meeting people, and not sure about ettiquette as far as if I was even allowed to photograph other people’s work or not. It’s a funny thing walking around pointing your camera at strangers and their art. However, people came and photographed my art from time to time, and I took that as a compliment. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Stand near my art and ask anyone who came by if they had any questions? No. Hang back and let people poke around. Leave ’em alone. Don’t hover. That’s what I did. I also wandered around and checked out everyone else’s stuff. It was all pretty incredible. Really, I didn’t see anything that I didn’t like in some way. Some stuff knocked my socks off completely. Some stuff I loved instantly. And towards the end of the night, I met this group of artists that I instantly connected with. I wanted to hang out with them all night, but it was late and we had a long drive back. So, I uploaded some pictures to Flickr. You can view them by clicking the photo below:

Also, totally unexpected and pleasant surprise: I sold four pieces. Three Blockbots (Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and Skullcrusher) and one Lunchbot (the Batbot I drew for Billee). We also bought two pieces. A beautiful painting of an open hand by Elizabeth Wocasek. And a set of hair clips for Billee from an artist named Rachel Young.

I was particularly struck by Tony Allen’s series of child-like skeletons depicting the search for love. He does it all with colored pencils and patiently spends hours perfecting his creations. The images have this smooth look to them. You can’t see any pencil strokes at all. He labors over his creations and the love and attention he puts into each piece totally shows. He was also a pleasure to talk to, as was his girlfriend Rachel Young. They both did pieces that were loving tributes to one another and I loved seeing the cross-over and affection for one another that came through in those pieces. Very, very sweet.

The group I hung out with at the end of the night, I believe (and I’m really bad at names but luckily I have this handy art show flyer with everyone’s names on it to serve as my cheat sheet), consisted of:

Jared Konopitski
Gabriel Sanford
Casey Alford
Yelena Kopylov-Alford

I really enjoyed meeting and talking with this group. They had some great work on the walls. This was a collective of artists that were energizing to just be around. I wish they didn’t live in Sacramento. Too freaking far away to visit on a regular basis. But still it was awesome to hang out with them. I wish I could spend more time talking about everyone’s amazing art but I have to run. Big huge thanks to Cindy and Jill and Eric and everyone else at Vox Sacramento for giving me this cool experience. Me and my wife and daughter had a great time. Billee especially dug the band From Soil to Sand. I totally neglected to talk about all the bands that played that night. Damn. Well I am out of time. Yay for the first art show!


~ by justin on February 15, 2009.

8 Responses to “Vox art show re-cap”

  1. I’m so glad you had such a great experience with us!! Everyone was crazy about your work. Also – how awesome that you bought Elizabeth’s hand piece. I loved it! hahaha. I end up always buying more art than I sell at these things.

    We’d love you to show again if you ever want to!

    • Thanks Jill! I really appreciate the experience. It was great to meet you and all the amazing folks at the show. Really had a wonderful time. Would love to come out again at some point. I just started a new full time job so I need time to acclimate and then want to get back to making some new art. Thanks again!

  2. hey Justin! thanks for the kind words. it really was great connecting with you. we were all talking on the way home about how easy it was to talk to you. next time we’re in the bay area, we’ll give you a heads up šŸ™‚


    • Hey Casey,

      I really dug meeting all of you. Definitely let me know whenever you’re going to be in my neck of the woods. Would love to hang out with you guys again soon. It was really cool talking with you. Very easy and comfortable. Wish we didn’t live so far from each other but hopefully we’ll get a chance to hang out again. I just started a new job so I need a little time to get settled in but I am looking forward to more art and hopefully more hanging out with y’all soon.


  3. Hey! You bought my piece! Thanks for doing that! That was a fun show and I too love VOX.

    • Yeah. We have your picture hanging in our hallway. The cat loves it. He hangs out under it all the time and meows like he’s waiting for it to come to life and start petting him. We think it’s very sweet. Of course we love to look at it every day and it really adds some wonderful color and depth to the space. Thanks for making such a lovely creation. It was great to meet you at the show. Best of luck with all your future endeavors. I’m always open to collaboration if you ever feel like trying out a project with another artist. Lunch bags are just one thing I was doing but I’m really interested in doing new and different things. Anyway, take care and best of luck. Great to meet you and wonderful to own a piece of your art.

  4. Oh, I am so self centered, I did not even realize you had art there that night too. :(. Those bags are great and am glad you had a good experience. šŸ™‚

    • Haha. It’s okay. Hard to put all the names and faces to the art. I kind of wish they’d put artist photos on each wall so you know who did what. It’d make it easier! But anyway… great meeting you. Take care!

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