lunchbots: pretty pony and crocodile

Well, here’s another case of the concept not panning out in rushed application. I had an idea I’d make a pretty pony ‘bot and a crocodile ‘bot, but in drawing them, they just ended up being regular (not robotic). I didn’t realize how sometimes things need a little more creative interpretation (and time and planning). I landed a full time gig (so excited) which I’m starting on the 16th and that may mean the end of the Lunchbots for now, or a shift to doing them at night instead of each morning. We’ll see. I have plans to continue making art but it may be less disposable. I have all the supplies my wife got me for my birthday and I am anxious to try my hand at painting with acrylics on canvas, and with watercolors, and all the other stuff she got me. So perhaps this blog will take another shift or maybe I can find time to keep up on the ‘bots. We’ll see!




~ by justin on February 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “lunchbots: pretty pony and crocodile”

  1. J – these are INCREDIBLE! I’ve been seeing all your status updates about bots and had no idea what they were. I’m so glad I clicked! Are you saving any? Really really cool. Those kids must be thrilled – coolest lunchbot on the block!

    • Thanks! The kids dig ’em. I’m actually going to show them in an art show this Saturday starting at 6pm. Vox in Sacramento. Initially they were all thrown out, but Evelyn (my wife) started saving hers, and then once I was invited to the art show, the kids started saving theirs as well so I’d have more to show. It was a fun project while I was working from home but I’m starting a full time gig (in an office, even) starting Monday so I dunno if I’ll be able to keep doing these. We’ll see!

  2. I love ponies! Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

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