lunchbots: emobot, bridebot and policebot

Yesterday evening Billee very sweetly asked me if I could make her a Lunchbot. I said of course, and the only reason I didn’t before was because she didn’t bring a lunch. She said she’d find something to bring just so she could have a Lunchbot, and I said I’d make her one regardless. I put a thermos of hot soup and an apple in there for her, so now she has lunch and something¬† made just for her to take it in. She was very pleased, and said she looked suspiciously like her Emobot today, which was hilarious. For Evelyn, I was remembering our wedding day (not so long ago… in July of last year) and what a beautiful bride she was and that inspired me to make her a Bridebot. Then for Ezekiel I made him a Policebot. He recently learned of Robocop and really wants to see it. Someone gave him a book of robots and he is completely fascinated with Robocop and keeps bringing his book to me so I can see the picture of him. Very cute.








~ by justin on January 29, 2009.

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