introducing dinkybots

Here’s the new medium I’ve been meaning to try out the ‘bots in: shrink plastic, also known as Shrinky Dinks. I picked up some shrink plastic at the art store a few weeks back and just got around to trying it out yesterday. Ezekiel made two necklaces for himself out of the stuff. He was so excited to watch them in the oven. He squealed with joy. When he got them out, he put them on strings around his neck and said, “Oh my gosh. What I made is so beautiful!” It is awesome being Ezekiel. I try to learn from his good example all the time. Meanwhile, here are the things I came up with. I’m still learning but it’s a fun process. I made three necklaces / pendants and one guitar pick so far. I’m going to try out rings and wristbands as well. Maybe buttons. We’ll see. These may make it into my Etsy store eventually.


Robicorn pendant


Devilbot pendant


Flowery Pendant - not a 'bot at all


Guitar Pick 'Bot


~ by justin on January 26, 2009.

10 Responses to “introducing dinkybots”

  1. Oh wow, SHRINK PLASTIC. I’ve never worked with that before. Polymer clay and metal clay, yes. Now I have one more reason to go to the craft store! πŸ™‚ I am loving your art.

    • Thanks! Yeah I never worked with it before either. My pal Cindy Emch suggested it to me. It’s so fun. Ezekiel loses his mind with delight watching them shrink in the oven. The first thing he asked when he came down this morning was if he could make some more. I think he slept with his little shrink plastic creations last night. πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, I thought I was the only one who made Shrinky Dink art. lol
    Nice job!

    • Thanks! Where’s your art posted? I’d love to check it out. I just learned about Shrinky Dink art from a friend of mine. I had no idea about it at all before, but it’s totally fun.

  3. I’ll post some up for you. I’m not an artist by the way; I just like to doodle and do crafty things.

  4. Well, that qualifies as an artist in my book. One who does doodles, crafty things, art, etc. It’s not a term reserved for an elite force of beret wearing paint brush wielding artistes, but that’s probably just my blue collar upbringing showing through. I look forward to seeing your creations!

  5. Okay here you go:

  6. How do you figure you’re not an artist? These are amazing. You’re very talented. Thank you for sharing these with me. Really great work. Keep it up! You should illustrate children’s books.

  7. Hey! Chanced upon this article while looking for tips on how to use shrink plastic. Can you recommend some pens ideal to use on the plastics? Previously I used permanent ZIG pens and coated with varnish after heating, but the ink ran anyway after a while. Thanks a lot!

    The robots are cute by the way. Robots are awesome.


    • Sorry I don’t know much about which pens are ideal to use on plastics. I just used my Uni Posca paint pens on the shrink plastic the same as I use for the lunch bags and blocks (lunchbots and blockbots). The paint pens work well though they can flake on the slippery plastic so it needs to be sanded down first, or just buy the opaque stuff as it already has a gritty surface that takes the paint better and doesn’t have as much of an issue with running and beading. I don’t put varnish on the shrink plastic. I did a skateboard deck and the paint flaked a lot because the surface of the board was treated (and I didn’t sand it as I was told by folks who’d done designs on the decks before that working without sanding had just as much a chance to turn out well as sanding first). So I took a gamble and I did have to re-touch a lot of flaked areas before finishing, but once I laid down the first coat of fixer, it was set and no more flaking! After that I laid down another 4 coats of fixer and then I was able to scratch the surface without any paint flaking off. None of the paint ran, either. That was all done with the same paint pens I used for everything else (Uni Posca). I have also tried Sharpie paint pens but prefer the Uni Posca overall, so far. Haen’t tried the ZIG pens so can’t comment as to how they compare. Hope this helps!

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