birthday recap and a green blockbot

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a great time thanks to my generous and amazing lovely, lovely wife. Me and Evelyn took the day off, went to brunch, saw a movie (Mall Cop – not fantastic but a couple of chuckle-worthy moments), did a bit of shopping (new shoes, three DVDs and Guitar Hero World Tour for me, yay!), came back to play Guitar Hero for a bit, watched a tiny bit of one of the DVDs (Step Brothers), and I opened my presents from Evelyn and the kids. A huge cache of art supplies including two painting kits so I can try my hand at oil, acrylic and water paints. Several sizes of canvasses and a ridiculous amount of brand new paint pens of all sizes, shapes and colors. I also got a giant box of chocolates. So my post-birthday, new year, new lease on life diet is going to start once I finish those. Heh. We went out to dinner at EOS. Flights of wine, tawny port, and some tasty tapas style plates of chicken curry, duck breast, mushroom dumplings and grilled artichoke with figgy bread putting and creme brulee for dessert. So all in all, a perfect day all thanks to my amazing wife who managed to take care of everything and look foxy as hell the whole time. And I got an assortment of e-cards, physical cards in the mail, emails, voice mails all from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. It was very sweet and just the perfect amount of everything. Now I have to think up some new stuff to make with all my new art supplies. How exciting!

For now, here’s a green blockbot.





~ by justin on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “birthday recap and a green blockbot”

  1. This is such as awesome idea! You could make a wall out of robots! My boyfriend is doing robots for his ALevel art project ^^ I’ll send your blog to him 🙂

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