ezekiel does more lunch bag art

Ezekiel was very excited to draw the lunch bag art today. He wanted to be in the picture so the world would know the face of the person who made this art. He really worries that people will not know he’s the one who made it, or that they might mistake his art for mine. I promised to say it was his art in my post, and also to include this picture with the artist showing his work. Now you know the face of this master. Remember it, because he’s going to be famous someday. Maybe for art, or possibly dancing, or cooking, or being an astronaut-scientist (which was the last thing he said he wanted to be when he grew up, before he decided to switch to wanting to be a famous chef like Gordon Ramsay.) We watched Hell’s Kitchen with him for a bit and he said, “Chef Ramsay isn’t mean, he just wants to help and that’s part of how he does it.” Later on he said, “If I were a girl, I would marry Chef Ramsay.”


~ by justin on January 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “ezekiel does more lunch bag art”

  1. That is very creative! I can imagine the creative lunch bags makes lunch time conversation much more interesting. I wouldn’t be surprised if his friends start decorating their lunch bags too.

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