lunchbots: shatnerbot (or kirkbot) and devilbot

A while ago, our daughter Billee asked if I could draw a William Shatner robot, because she loves William Shatner. Like, a lot. Really. A lot. So because she prefers to buy her lunch at school, I drew him on Ezekiel’s lunch bag (who is also a fan of Star Trek). He’s holding a communicator, in case it’s hard to tell. Then I had an idea for a cute little devil robot so that’s what I made for Evelyn, who can sometimes be a little bit wicked, but always adorable. Here is Shatnerbot (or Kirkbot) and Devilbot.

I’ve been experimenting with how I get the word out about Lunchbots and Blockbots. I’m trying to find the magic formula of not spamming people but still staying fresh in their minds and being interesting enough to have a regular interaction. I saw this TV show… Bones… in it there is this part where someone says, “There are two types of performers. Presentational singers crave attention, it’s ego- driven. The representational singer wants the audience to feel. It’s about invoking a cathartic experience.” I feel like I’m the representational performer/artist. I just want to connect and share something. I have been in bands before, one that even performed on stage in front of people on occasion, and I realized that I love the feeling of performing and connecting with the audience, but also feel intensely uncomfortable in the spotlight. Up until that moment where I heard it described that way in the Bones TV episode, I don’t think I made that connection. I want to express and connect with others, and share experience (and that is what I seek in the artists and performers I enjoy – people who open themselves up and share something from inside themselves – not necessarily who can technically nail something performance-wise – while I can appreciate that it’s not necessarily what appeals most to me). I don’t necessarily want the attention. But then again, I do like attention to the extent that I want there to be some sort of connection with others. It’s an interestingly weird space to occupy.


~ by justin on January 15, 2009.

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