lunchbots: rollerbot, papabot and sonbot

Ezekiel’s father went on a business trip this morning. Ezekiel was very sad, so I made him a papabot and sonbot to cheer him up. We live in a duplex and Ezekiel’s father lives upstairs while me and Ezekiel’s mom and sister live downstairs. Ezekiel has run of both houses which works out great for him. It usually means he gets second breakfast, second lunch and second dinner. The boy loves food and is blessed with an awesome metabolism. He’s built like Iggy Pop – all sinewy with not an ounce of fat on him. We’re all jealous.

Evelyn got a rollerbot. (Remember roller rinks? Might be before your time. I used to go to the Rolladium in San Mateo. That was the big social event for us back then. Must have been about 13 or so.) The whole time I was drawing it, I had Abba’s Dancing Queen stuck in my head. I do not like Abba but  my in-the-head DJ has a wicked sense of humor and sometimes plays music I don’t care for. I need to go listen to some other music now so I can get the Abba out.



~ by justin on January 13, 2009.

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