ezekiel takes over

Ezekiel asked if he could try drawing on today’s lunches. He even drew one for me. He kept asking us what we wanted him to draw for us. We both said, “Surprise us” but he was having a hard time coming up with ideas. Evelyn said, “Draw me a superhero snail.” Then he was able to take off with that. I kept telling him to make me whatever he wanted. I had no idea what he was making when he asked me, “How many legs does a cockroach have?” For his lunch, he asked if it was okay with me if he drew a combination of a Stormtrooper and the Buffedbot I had drawn previously. I said, “Sure!” Maybe he’ll take over the Lunchbots from now on so I can concentrate on the Blockbots. We’ll see! Ezekiel wanted me to post these but he was concerned that people would think I drew them. He wants to be sure everyone knows he was the artist. I explained we have pretty different artistic styles and while I would be sure and let people know he drew these, I was sure that no one would get confused. That seemed to ease his mind. We were especially impressed with what he drew for his mom. He asked Evelyn to look up a picture of Spongebob and kept going back to her computer for reference because he wanted to get it just right. He’s a very talented little dude. I also think it’s cute how he spelled my name.



~ by justin on January 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “ezekiel takes over”

  1. Awesome. The superhero snail juxtaposed with Spongebob is genius.

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