lunchbots: ghostbot

Back to school for both kids today! Back to work for me and Evelyn. She’s not taking a lunch today but Ezekiel is. Looking for inspiration this morning, I was thinking of the Pacman monsters and also thinking about what would happen if a newly created alien robot was visiting our planet and decided to participate in the Earthling ritual of Halloween and this is what I came up with: ghostbot. His sheet is purple because white was too conservative and he’s a bit more on the creative side. This type of alien robots have creativity programming as part of their AI.


Pardon the crumbs. That was from the sandwich bread. Today’s sandwich is bologna. There’s also a Gogurt, an orange, and a granola bar. Ezekiel always comes down and says, “What do we have in stock today?” Then he opens his lunch, takes inventory, and immediately asks if he can eat the granola bar for breakfast, to which I always say yes, he may. It’s a morning ritual. Just before that he takes note of whatever’s drawn on his lunch bag and always asks me if he has interpreted the drawing correctly. For example, “Is it a ghost robot?” Then I will say, “Yes.” And he’ll say something like, “Cool.” Then he’ll start with the taking inventory.

The boy loves food more than most anything. He will not remember places or events or people but he’ll remember food. I’ve learned that if I want him to recall a place we’ve been or a person he’s met, I’ll refer to whatever food was involved to trigger his memory. I’ll say, “Erik’s house.” He’ll say, “Who?” I’ll say, “The party we went to where you got to eat all the chips and wore the rootbeer helmet?” He’ll say, “Oh yeah! And I had the cake and the spinach dip and the bread.” Then it all comes back to him. If he goes on a trip, most of what he rememebers is the food that he ate. I’m sure he’ll go back to school today only recounting what he ate while he was on Winter break.


~ by justin on January 5, 2009.

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