lunchbots: xavier for rob

My pal Rob (a.k.a. Obrio) has drawn this character for as long as I’ve known him (probably longer), which is an awfully long time since we met in grade school. Rob told me recently that every day he wakes up and looks forward to seeing my latest lunchbot, and then sighs because he doesn’t have one of his own, so I decided to do this as an homage to Rob and his creation, Xavier. I have no idea how close or far away I am to the original because I’m drawing from memory, but I hope this is a respectable portrayal. Happy New Year!



~ by justin on January 1, 2009.

4 Responses to “lunchbots: xavier for rob”

  1. Thats Xaiver allright!

  2. Flommytherobot says: Is is possible to have lunchbags for robots with pictures of humans on them? This would make the hard working robots happy.

    Flommytherobot is pleased to have been of assistance.

    • Thank you Flommytherobot. Sadly, I do not know any robots who consume lunch from bags, but I would be happy to provide such a service if there were a need.

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