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I’m very honored to be on the DVD Inspired Art page of Drew Brophy’s blog. See, Drew Brophy is kind of what started this whole Lunchbots thing. My wife got a Juxtapoz Magazine and I was flipping through it and found this Drew Brophy ad in the back with his amazing artwork. So I went to the website and saw more amazing artwork. Then I saw that he had an instructional DVD for sale along with some paint pens and I thought it would be a fun thing to do with the kids. We all had a great time drawing things with the new paint pens, and me and Ezekiel especially enjoyed the DVD while our daughter preferred to do her own thing. Ezekiel had a birthday and a bunch of new toys so he got distracted from the paint pens, but I kept using them. Then I started drawing on the lunches I pack every day for my wife and step-son, and hence, the Lunchbots were born. If you like the art, definitely consider getting Drew’s instructional DVD, or at least his set of paint pens. I consider it one of the best investments I’ve made this year. Here’s a screen capture of my mention on his website. Click the image to see the actual page. Thanks again, Drew! You’ve re-introduced art into my life and given me a pretty fun new hobby.


~ by justin on December 24, 2008.

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