Limey Sez: Help Fran Cure Lyme Disease

I designed these t-shirts for my friend Fran Varian who is fighting late stage Lyme Disease. She is unable to work (due to the late stage Lyme disease) and has no health insurance. Fran Varian is an amazing woman, activist, artist, writer, daughter, partner, friend, peer, ally, and all around outstanding human being. Fran needs your help. Every single dollar you contribute absolutely makes a significant difference. It means she can have access to the essential (and unfortunately costly) medicine she needs to fight off Lyme Disease. Help heal Fran. Buy a t-shirt today and/or go to and make a direct donation. Every dollar of the small commission on the t-shirt, mousepad, buttons and other Limey product sales will go to Fran’s health care fund, and wearing the t-shirts will help spread the word, and direct donations are even better. These are lean times for everyone, but any amount will help. Please feel free to re-post this message far and wide. Fran’s a wonderful person who deserves to have a pain free, long, healthy, happy life. Thank you for your help, your generosity, and taking the time to spread the word to Help Heal Fran in any way you can. Here’s your chance to make a difference.

Buy a Limey t-shirt, mousepad, buttons, onesies, bibs, and more (all profits go to Help Heal Fran):

Learn more about Fran, Lyme Disease, and make a donation to Help Heal Fran:


~ by justin on December 19, 2008.

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