lunchbots 21: angel demon and monkeybot

The Angel Demon is actually from a dream I had last night. I dreamed of drawing it, so I woke up and made my dreams come true. If only that worked all the time! (Well, I wouldn’t want it for the nightmares but the dreams of fortune, yes. Also, that one about the giant PB&J sandwich as big as a house that tasted like clouds and perfection and you could eat it forever and never get full? I’d take that one, too.) And then there’s Monkeybot, or Robomonkey, because I figured Ezekiel would like it. (He did.)

I’m excited to be making custom Lunchbots for random strangers from the Internet now (your Ninjabots are done and should go into the mail hopefully today), and I have even been invited to a small art show in Sacramento in February to show a few of my Lunchbots. (More on that as the details are worked out.) How exciting!

I’m also going to be making more t-shirts as soon as time allows. I think I will turn Ninjabot (for Cindy) and Robicorn (for our daughter) into shirts next, and also Toastbot and His Slice (for Beth). Of course anyone can buy the shirts if they want, but those are the folks who asked for those specific ‘bots to be put on t-shirts.

I ran out of time this morning so Monkeybot was rushed. Oh no! I forgot his heart! (One thing I have up until now always done on the robot creations is give them each a little heart on their chests.)

Okay, without further babbling… here are today’s creations:


~ by justin on December 18, 2008.

6 Responses to “lunchbots 21: angel demon and monkeybot”

  1. Congratulations on the art show; that’s really exciting!

    • Thanks! It sounds like it might be super small and possibly just the artists and friends and family of the artists might be all who show up, but still! I’ve been invited to an art show! Yay!

  2. Dude! This rocks! who knew? I am super excited for you! Inspired as well. Big mushy loves to you. Going to be involved or out of town until Jan 2nd but I’m not back at work until Jan 5…visit?

    • Thanks! I’m excited too! Yes I’d love a visit when you’re back in town. We have Rock Band 2 now. You should come play. Or we can all come over there again, or you can bring Miss K for a meal. We’ll figure something out. Happy holidays if I don’t talk to you again before all the holidaze madness!

  3. Hello! I have seen your art through livejournal’s community (illustrations). WOW I love your art! I wonder what medium you are using? Is it just pens? 🙂


    • Hi! Thank you! I’m using Uni Posca PC-5M nontoxic water-based paint pens. I bought a paint pen kit from and have been only using those, with the exception that the octopus on white background (the lunch bag version, not the 9×12 version) and the lonely spaceman / alien on white background were done with a black ballpoint pen for the illustration and the background was done with a white paint pen.

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