unicorn robot

I never do lunchbots for our daughter because she doesn’t bring her lunch to school. Today, she had kind of a rough day (high school… remember how sucky that was?), so I decided to draw her one of her favorite things – a unicorn. Okay, a robot unicorn, but still! I was going to call it a unibot or a robocorn but those didn’t seem quite right so I stuck with the more formal, “unicorn robot.” I added the rainbow and the four leaf clover and the cloud because those are also things she digs. I gave it to her with a note that said, “This robot unicorn is for you to remind you how awesome you are.” She loved it and said it was the best picture ever and belonged in a gallery except the gallery would be in her bedroom and it should have a note on it like they do in galleries with the price tag and stuff except this one wouldn’t have a price tag because it’s not for sale because it’s hers.


~ by justin on December 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “unicorn robot”

  1. Awesome!! We love it and bet your daughter did too!
    What a wonderful way to lift your child’s spirits
    when you can’t be there to do it in person. Thank
    you for sharing!!

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