lunchbots 10: robopickle and squirrelbot

Today’s creations: robopickle and squirrelbot.
Ezekiel stood behind the lunches while I was taking this shot. He said, “I’m standing like Robopickle.” Then he went on to make up a funny accent that he decided was what Robopickle sounds like. He said, “Robopickle only eats pickles. And he says (in Robopickle accent which is like a cross between an Aussie accent and a robot voice), ‘Give me your skinny things. I only want skinny things because I am skinny. Hot dogs… carrots…'” It is awesome being Ezekiel.


~ by justin on December 4, 2008.

One Response to “lunchbots 10: robopickle and squirrelbot”

  1. […] Some days I let my imagination run wild and he gets whatever weird stuff my brain cooks up such as Robopickle. Other times, I try and draw whatever he might think is cool. Luckily he likes pretty much […]

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