lunchbots 06: bearbot, beebot and a skelebot named sid

I’m getting back to doing these after a brief hiatus. My wife loves bees. I have always been called a bear for my stature and the way I move (and my personality which is loving, protective and at times, grumpy). My wife loves bears, luckily for me, and although I’m afraid of bees, she doesn’t take it personally. So today’s drawing on my wife’s lunch was an attempt at a bearbot and a beebot, though I’m really not happy with how the bearbot turned out, there wasn’t time to re-do it. So next time I will work on honing the bearbot to look more bearish. For our son, I gave him a skeleton sort of character I came up with a long time ago for a cartoon strip I never got around to actually completing. His name is Sid. He wasn’t necessarily originally intended to be a robot, but I’m not exactly sure what he is other than cute and skeleton-like. I really like Sid and hope to do something with him someday. For now, he can be our son’s lunch bag mascot. I hope he likes him. (Still waiting for him to come down and see it as I write this.)


~ by justin on November 25, 2008.

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