lunchbots 05: Wrex the Dawg and a Seahorse

Ezekiel’s 7th birthday was yesterday. (Remember, he wants us to call him Seven now… you know… because he’s seven.) One of the presents we gave him was Wrex the Dawg. It’s a robot dog, but it’s kind of poking fun at all the other robot dogs. It malfunctions on purpose and is said to be made of spare parts and scrap metal. Ezekiel’s been going on and on about wanting a robot dog for months and months. We watched hours of footage on YouTube of all the various robot dogs available. He is very thorough in his research. After careful determination, he decided he wanted Wrex the Dawg. I’m mostly certain he picked Wrex because one of his functions is farting, and another one is taking a pee. Evelyn begrudgingly agreed to let me get this hideous thing for Ezekiel’s birthday, and he loves it, and it is just as annoying as it sounds. Luckily he will mostly be playing with it in his room upstairs where we don’t have to hear it. This long lead in is to explain this dubious likeness I attempted of Wrex for Ezekiel’s post-birthday lunch today. Hey, he figured out what it was supposed to be, so mission accomplished. He likes it and that’s all that matters. Evelyn got a seahorse. Not a robot seahorse because I am still not sure how to pull that off. Just a regular seahorse because she loves them. We went to an aquarium on our honeymoon and watched the seahorses forever. They are pretty amazing little creatures. Evelyn loves her seahorse. She exclaimed, “Oh is that a seahorse?!? He’s so cute!” She told me last week she’s been saving all my lunch bag creations and putting them up at her desk at work since she doesn’t have any art there. She took the octopus I drew her for her birthday and put it up at her work. I think that’s very sweet. (I’m hoping it isn’t to spare my feelings while also ridding the house of my creation. I choose to believe it’s because she likes it and wants to have it at work.) I wonder if her co-workers are starting to think her husband has lost his mind. They may be right but if I’m going to lose my mind, this is a pretty fun way to do it.


~ by justin on November 17, 2008.

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