farting cows, flying pigs and a fire dog

Another instant classic from Mister E., age 6 and 5/8ths. He recently watched YouTube videos, which he told me all about and then illustrated. One was a pig that could fly, and he flew off a barn roof while a bunch of other pigs watched. But the pig wasn’t so great a flying and he fell on his head and all the pigs laughed. Then there were a bunch of cows, standing around, chewing their cud and farting. One cow ripped the longest, loudest, stinkiest fart and all the other cows fell over from the smell. He couldn’t draw the cows falling over since he was running out of time, so he drew a man covering his nose and making a stinky face to indicate what was happening. The last one was a dog sleeping near a fireplace. He was too close so he lit on fire and turned into a pile of ashes. While this sounds horrible, Mister E. told the story with a lot of laughter and assured me it was hilarious. He’s a very empathic soul who gets very upset at the thought of anyone or anything being in pain, so I believe him. It must have been more wacky and silly than it sounded.


~ by justin on September 24, 2008.

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