Monster, Airplane, Heart

By Mister E., age 6 and 5/8ths.

Normally, Mister E’s drawings need no description. However, he wanted to explain the talking bubbles. The one he calls the Teeth Monster is saying, “Me like tissues.” He explained he had recently been reading Captain Underpants and there was a scene where someone said, “Me no like tissues.” So he said he was copying that, but in his own way. He went further to say, “Me airplane” for the airplane, in case anyone might be wondering what an airplane thinks about as it’s flying around. Finally, in a clear moment of sheer genius, he added the heart and the talking bubble that says, “Me jog” because he says the heart likes to go jogging. So there you have it! Mister E, artistic genius, surrealist, nonconformist. May he always be this free.


~ by justin on September 22, 2008.

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