my charity: water (in memory of my grandmother)

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Please help bring clean drinking water to those in need and honor the memory of my grandmother:


Another Art Show!

•September 17, 2009 • 2 Comments

My most recent creation, Skatebot is going to be in an art show in Brooklyn (yo!) on September 25th. So excited. Sad I can’t afford to go be there for the event, but really stoked to be in my third art show ever, along with a full roster of kickass artists in the Abztract artists collective. Here’s the flyer for the show.


•August 21, 2009 • 3 Comments

Okay. Finally, I can show this to you. I’ve been working on a super seekrit new awesome project of awesomeness with Mr. Shai Dahan at Well, okay, it’s not really a secret as much as something I had to wait to post about until it was done, but it is awesome. Shai had the great idea to get independent artists to put their art on skateboards. Some folks use these boards as art, some slap wheels on and put that art in motion. Whatever becomes of it, I have to say, I’m proud of my very first skateboard designed for Abztract. And because I have to make all my creations have some silly ‘bot name, I figured I’d call these Skatebots for the purposes of posts on my little blog, anyway. We’ll see how this first piece does and if all goes well there will be more in the future. I hope it goes well! My kids think it’s beyond cool that I designed a skateboard. And of course Ezekiel wants one. Heck. so do I! But I’ve got a few other projects to get to first. Stay tuned because yet another new project is in the works, and this one is not a ‘bot at all. What could it be?!? Stay tuned and find out soon!


Welcome Baby Frito!

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Wondering where the heck I’ve been? Well, my sister had a baby! Like, three days ago. She’s created the masterpiece of the year. This kid came out at nearly 10 lbs., so he’s already getting calls from talent scouts looking to recruit him as a defensive tackle. Look at the size of him! My poor sister. But she and the baby are doing fine. Both are glowing that radiant glow of “just been through the miracle of life, now exhausted, hungry and bonding”. Haha. Love them so much. I like to call the baby Frito (my wife came up with this name) because it kind of rhymes with his last name, sort of, and it’s cute. Of course my sister isn’t a huge fan, nor is her husband, but we’re hoping through enough usage, they’ll come around. Or they’ll have to send me a cease and desist before the kid’s new nickname sticks. It may be too late. Hey, I had an Uncle Cheeto. Snack foods run in the family!

the last batch of finger puppet portraits

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Here’s the last batch of finger puppet portraits I did for the Gawker ALT/ART show. Now I’m finally caught up, I can start posting some new work! I’m working on a project with Abztract and super excited to share that with you soon. I’m also doing another side project with my pal Josh and cannot wait until that is ready to share. Soon soon soon. But never soon enough. I’ve also got a few more Lunchbots that I owe some kind folks at my work who donated $25 or more to help my friend heal from chronic late stage Lyme disease. And then I owe some pals some custom Lunchbots that they requested and have been waiting very patiently for. And THEN, I have a notebook full of ideas that I’m itching to flesh out. So there’s no shortage of new stuff. I love that! Okay, here’s the last batch of finger puppet portraits.









monster finger puppet portraits

•August 13, 2009 • 3 Comments

More from the series of finger puppet portraits I did for the Gawker Alt Art Show in NY. Monsters! I took pictures of these before I had a chance to get them in frames.






more finger puppet portraits

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Still more finger puppet portraits that were created for the Gawker Alt Art Show in NY in July.



Monkey and Parrot

Monkey and Parrot



Moose, II

Moose, II